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What Is Brand Strategy?


Your brand is so much more than just your name, logo, or slogan – it’s the entire experience you provide to your audience. Your brand strategy establishes what your company is all about. It’s the pledge you make to your customers, the values you hold dear, and the personality you project. Every connection you make – from the messages on your website, to the customer service you provide, is an opportunity to grow and strengthen your brand.

A powerful brand strategy should:

Define Your Purpose.

Your brand isn’t your name, product, logo, or website – it’s all of the intangibles that make up your business. Your purpose serves as a key differentiator between you and your competition. Purpose can be seen in two different ways: functional and intentional. Your functional purpose relates to your commercial success, while your intentional purpose relates to your ability to be a positive force in the world. Having a clearly defined and effectively communicated purpose builds loyalty, and cultivating loyalty from your customers will yield more business. It inspires people to write about you, tell their friends about you, and serve as your brand ambassadors. Here’s more on defining your purpose. Read more

How Do I Know If My Business Needs a Rebrand?


Your brand is so much more than just a logo or a slogan – it’s a promise and an expectation living inside the mind of your customer. Everything you do should be a reflection of the feelings you wish to generate when people experience your brand. If your business isn’t connecting with customers on a deep, emotional level, it may be time to consider a rebrand.

Here are three good reasons to rebrand your business:

You’ve outgrown your brand.

Your brand should convey who you are today. As your business inevitably changes over time, your branding should reflect that growth. If it hasn’t been updated – and no longer represents everything your business stands for – it’s due for a refresh. Read more

How and Why to Conduct a Brand Audit


Your brand is alive! It has a personality all its own, with elements beyond your control. Over time, you may discover that your identity has diverged from your original vision. Since brands tend to lose relevance slowly, it’s difficult to determine the precise moment that you should change – but a brand audit can help you decide if it’s time for a refresh.

Here are three steps to a successful brand audit:

Evaluate Your Identity.

Surveys provide an informative overview of customer perceptions. For the best results, ask open-ended questions, like:

  • How was your experience with our website?

  • Is our written material appealing? What do you like about it? What do you dislike about it?

  • How does our logo make you feel? What are your initial thoughts when seeing it?

  • What – if anything – would improve your opinion of this brand?

This article provides some useful tips for creating effective surveys.

Evaluate Your Strategies.

Read more

Does Your Brand Have a Soul?


The most successful brands have a purpose – an identity – a soul. We feel a powerful emotional connection to those companies that embody our own aspirations and personal values. They help us to better understand ourselves and our place in the world – making us feel more powerful, smarter, and more content.

How do you know if your brand has a soul?

The people behind soulful brands can easily answer these three questions:
What are your values?
What’s most sacred to your organization?
What ideals do you share that no one in your company will ever stray from? Read more

Why Imagination Beats Knowledge Every Time


“Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.” – Albert Einstein.

We frequently hear that knowledge is power – and it is – but without the imagination to envision what could be, knowledge is of little use. Study the world’s most successful companies, and you’ll quickly discover that a strength they share is imaginative leadership and a willingness to question the status quo. While you might be tempted to simply follow the competition when marketing your products or services, it’s a trap that limits your opportunities for growth. Your most powerful marketing tool is found between your ears.

Remember how, as a kid, your imagination ran wild? Travel back to that time of adventures and ideas, and turn your imagination loose. Google is one company that understands the value of a playful spirit. Developers there have a long history of including “easter eggs” in their products – quirky surprises for their users that showcase the company’s fun-loving nature. Google’s work environment encourages a wild imagination. The bright primary colors, wide open spaces, video game rooms, and pool tables are all intended to crank up employee innovation and collaboration. The company has provided an ideal environment for the creative mind to flourish, and just look at the results! Read more

3 Steps for Brand Name Success


Do you feel invisible? People look right past you? Can’t seem to make a lasting impression? Perhaps you suffer from a boring brand. The right name can put your brand on the map, while the wrong one can sentence it to an obscure existence. Your name should communicate the experience, value, and uniqueness of the product or service you’ve developed.

How do you go about choosing a name for your business?
You must know what your brand represents before choosing your name. This isn’t what your business does – it’s the way you make your customers feel. A great brand strategy is all about building an emotional connection with your users, evoking positive feelings that make people enthusiastic and optimistic about working with you.

Expert naming companies typically spend between six weeks and six months coming up with a name. While you likely don’t have that much time, plan to spend at least several weeks selecting a name.

Here’s your three-step prescription for brand name success:

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7 Pieces of Powerful Brand Strategy [Infographic]


A powerful brand strategy combines ‘the logic and the magic’ – that mix of rational and emotive elements that, together, combine to give a brand engagement, connectedness, distinction and focus.

In an insightful article,  talks about looking for brand performance and potential on more than just logical grounds; positioning it in such a way that it ‘calls’ to customers rather than just rationalizing itself to them.

To do that, there are always 7 components I look for in a brand strategy:

1. Resonance – how will people react?

2. Resilience – how strong is the strategy competitively?

3. Results – what difference will it make?  Read more

4 Valuable Branding Tips and Tools For Small Business Success


Proper differentiation is one of the most critical challenges facing many businesses today. One of the worst mistakes that businesses can make in marketing themselves is to sell undifferentiated services, though the vast majority of companies do exactly that – continuing to proffer me-too services in a crowded marketplace.

Differentiation is your number one source of competitive advantage, and one of the most powerful ways to differentiate is through branding. Large companies have long understood the power of branding, and now small businesses are also recognizing the impact of a well-honed image. Not only can a brand image differentiate a business from the competition, it also conveys a strong idea or message that clients will come to associate with the company.

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10 Ways To Achieve Brand Leadership [Infographic]

Companies are always looking for ways that their brand can distinguish itself in a marketplace. We have created an informative infographic with a quick listing of ways for your brand to achieve brand leadership.
This is formation source is an article written on the Brand Strategy Insider:
Marketers often talk about being a brand leader as if it is one thing. But there are many different ways that a brand can distinguish itself in a marketplace. The critical decision for brand owners is deciding how you will lead and why that will work.
Ultimately, how you lead as a brand is decided by what, where and why you compete as a brand. Every brand leader will incorporate several of these elements in their leadership blend: the differences are in how and to what effect – particularly for character. Large or liked? Storied or placed? Profitable or purposeful? These critical decisions about priorities will significantly influence how you compete and how and where you present yourselves across the world.

May 2015 Designer Desktop Calendars


April showers have brought May flowers in the form a blue lupine desktop wallpaper background. Get inspired this month with a quote from Jim Rohn, “There are only three colors, ten digits and seven notes; it’s what we do them that’s important.”

Don’t forget, you can also download an annual 2015 desktop calendar, a beautiful wallpaper that will last all year here.

Check back here in June for more creative desktop calendars!

Most screens will use the size that is shown in the image (1920×1200), just click and then right click the larger image that appears and set as desktop background!

It’s What You Do, That’s Important

May 2015 free desktop wallpaper from - Jim Rohn #Quote

click to download:
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