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How to Reach Mobile Shoppers With Your Business


Consumers are increasingly choosing to make purchases online, according to an eMarketer report. This report shows that retail e-commerce sales will outpace those of brick and mortar stores by more than three times through 2019. Similarly, Gartner reports that mobile commerce is currently driving 22 percent of digital revenue, a number that is expected to increase as shoppers continue to crave the convenience and immediacy mobile devices offer. Even the devices themselves are being shaped for purchasing power. For example, the Samsung Galaxy S7 has a big screen for easier digital store navigation, and the Samsung Pay feature acts as a digital wallet and allows for seamless in-store payments.

Regardless of whether or not your small business has a physical storefront, a smartphone sales strategy is imperative to stay competitive and fulfill your customers’ needs. Here are some best practices to keep in mind to reach mobile shoppers more efficiently. Read more

3 Ways To Use Pinterest To Rank High In Search Engines


Think your business doesn’t need to be on Pinterest? Think again.
Pinterest is one of the most popular social networking sites for good reason – it has great visual appeal, taking beautiful images to a whole new level. Not only can your business benefit from establishing a profile on the site, it’s an excellent resource to discover new ways to promote your website or blog. No matter your niche, you’re bound to find great opportunities to extend your reach.

Here are three ways Pinterest can improve your search engine rank:

Participate In Conversations.

When registering to comment on a blog, include your website address in your profile. Leaving a comment on a post will then result in a link back to your site. By making thoughtful contributions to posts related to your industry, you’re establishing authority while growing website traffic. Pinterest is a great tool for locating popular blogs where your input will be valued. Search the Categories section to locate topics that fit your industry, click on a pin tied to a blog post, register with the blog, and contribute to the discussion. Read more

How to Save your Brand after a Disaster


Disasters that could ruin the reputation of your business can happen at any time and are sometimes impossible to predict or prevent. When dealing with a crisis, it can be easy for business owners to throw in the towel. However, it is still possible to salvage your brand even in the worst situations. Here are some tips any business can use to recover after a crisis.

Be Transparent about the Nature of the Crisis and make Amends

Depending on the crisis in question, you’ll have to make sure that all the steps necessary to remedy the situation are taken to prevent it from occurring again. If you’re dealing with the loss of data, you should make sure you at least inform your employees of the situation so they understand what is happening. Loss of data could easily be construed as a breach of data, which are completely different issues.

In the case of loss of data, for instance, be sure to inform your customers that none of their data has been compromised. You should also do everything in your power to retrieve the information and work with a data recovery company. Data recovery prices vary from supplier to supplier, but you should work with a reputable team with a track record for results first and foremost.

Once everything has been made to retrieve your clients’ information, make sure that you inform them of what measures you will be taking from now on to prevent this issue from recurring. This might include working with a remote data center or having stricter safeguarding and backup policies. Either way, make sure you are transparent every step of the way. Read more

Delivering Sensory Experiences Generates Recognition for Miss Details Design


It’s a cluttered field out there when it comes to web design firms. We’re gratified to stand out from the crowd. Miss Details Design was recently recognized by Clutch, a Washington, D.C.-based research firm, as a Top Phoenix Web Designer. The research leverages Clutch’s proprietary methodology, mapping each firm’s focus on web design services against their ability to deliver world-class results for their clients.

We’re proud to be on the list!
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4 Valuable Branding Tips and Tools For Small Business Success


Proper differentiation is one of the most critical challenges facing many businesses today. One of the worst mistakes that businesses can make in marketing themselves is to sell undifferentiated services, though the vast majority of companies do exactly that – continuing to proffer me-too services in a crowded marketplace.

Differentiation is your number one source of competitive advantage, and one of the most powerful ways to differentiate is through branding. Large companies have long understood the power of branding, and now small businesses are also recognizing the impact of a well-honed image. Not only can a brand image differentiate a business from the competition, it also conveys a strong idea or message that clients will come to associate with the company.

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Sensory Design: Annual Report Cover


What a lovely example of using the sense of touch to deepen the experience of this report annual report. The cover and inner pages react to the warmth from your hands. A sensitive design made more interesting and memorable using the metaphors and sensory design. This report has also been created in an iPad app, which has the same reaction to touch.