A powerful brand strategy combines ‘the logic and the magic’ – that mix of rational and emotive elements that, together, combine to give a brand engagement, connectedness, distinction and focus.

In an insightful article,  talks about looking for brand performance and potential on more than just logical grounds; positioning it in such a way that it ‘calls’ to customers rather than just rationalizing itself to them.

To do that, there are always 7 components I look for in a brand strategy:

1. Resonance – how will people react?

2. Resilience – how strong is the strategy competitively?

3. Results – what difference will it make? 

4. Resolution – how will the new strategy galvanize people from the inside-out? Is it inspiring?

5. Radiation – will it spread?

6. Redefinition – is it radical? Does it have stretch?

7. Recognition – does it still have the brand’s DNA?

Read his full article here, and see our infographic translation below.

7 pieces of a powerful brand strategy_infographic