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You may have heard us talking about it, seen it on our website, or read it on our blog or newsletter– but what is sensory design? We’ve defined it as “the strategic process of creating designs; where the brand experience triggers one or more senses, evoking an intuitive response.” This definition has a lot of words, so let’s break it down and explore how the process can benefit you.

Part 1: “The strategic process of creating designs”

We look at the designs we create as more than just a pretty picture (or pretty pixels, if you will). We dig deep into a brand’s story, essence, and components before the actual designing begins. Our clients fill out questionnaires and surveys about their brand, and we use this information to create our client’s new brand identity.

Part 2: “to engage the user in a multi-level, dynamic, tailored encounter”

Engaging the user is the primary goal for all of our designs. Consumers are surrounded by brands that struggle to stand out. When they connect with a brand in a unique way, a memory is created that lives on. Imagine a design that evokes the memory of visiting your family cottage every summer as a child.  That is the sort of unique and tailored experience that we strive to create.

Part 3: “where the brand experience triggers one or more senses, evoking an intuitive response”

This part is hard to articulate, so we’ll set the scene for you. Imagine it’s early in the morning, and you hear a grinding noise.  While probably not the sound you were hoping for, it is still welcome.  Shortly after the grinding stops, the scent of coffee hangs in the air, and you begin to wake. Your desire for a caffeinated beverage overwhelms your sleepiness.  Now imagine you remembered this entire experience, and experienced the same feelings, just because you saw the logo of say… Starbucks.  That’s sensory design, and that is how we try to imagine the brands of our clients.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on our new philosophy, and answer any questions you may have!  Please leave comments below, or contact us!