When should your company focus on brand awareness? The answer is yesterday. It’s impossible to spark interest in your business, boost engagement, and power growth without first establishing your brand in the mind of the buyer. The real value of branding is Brand Awareness. It boosts your ROI when it makes generating sales easier, improves customer satisfaction, and helps you foster relationships to promote growth.


Here are three important steps to help consumers become more familiar with – or aware of – your brand:


Establish A Memorable Identity.

Boost brand awareness by showing a little personality in all of your marketing efforts. Coca-Cola uses social media to connect with their customers and demonstrate their fun-loving spirit. A unique brand identity sets you apart from the competition, keeping your business front of mind when your prospect has a need. Producing a steady stream of informative, engaging, and entertaining content ensures that customers keep coming back for more, again and again.

Connect With Your Customers.

To increase brand awareness, focus on building an emotional connection with your customers. You must capture their hearts and minds, by producing content that resonates with their values. There is no substitute for getting to know your customers, and demonstrating a willingness to listen. To encourage sharing and feedback, add your phone number, email, and “click to share” buttons to all of your online content.


When it comes to building brand awareness, Dollar Shave Club is razor sharp. Three years ago, the company opened for business with dreams of cutting into Gillette’s market dominance. Starting at $1 per month, Dollar Shave Club ships razors and replaceable blades to customers across the country. They broke into a highly competitive market with humorous videos that have gone viral – building powerful brand awareness, and skyrocketing the company to a $600 million valuation in just three years.

Track Your Results.

Think long-term: branding isn’t a sprint – it’s a marathon. Ask new clients where they found out about you, and track those statistics in-house. There are numerous ways that a prospective client could have discovered your business, and tracking your results will allow you to determine the marketing methods that are performing the best. Maximize your ROI by focusing your efforts on those strategies that yield the greatest results. Toolbox for IT shares some innovative ways to use a CRM for tracking customers and improving retention.

Savvy marketers understand the importance of creating strong brand awareness. It’s the first step in the customer purchase funnel, since a potential buyer must know that you exist – and what you stand for – before they can evaluate your brand and choose to do business with you. Real value is created when your branding efforts build strong emotional connections – generating unbeatable long-term ROI.