Are you planning to get an online MBA degree to start your very own company? In class, you are learning business strategy and implementation but what about branding? You need to know how to create and then build your brand once you step out of school.

Online branding is one of the most popular and effective tools nowadays. With people living in a digital age, it’s only natural that online branding is so important. So how can you successfully expand your new brand online? Here are some techniques that can help.

Look Into Social Media Ads

You’ve probably already figured out that social media ads are quite popular in the world of marketing. Placing ads on Twitter and Facebook can prove to be quite helpful in getting the word out and starting to create brand awareness. What makes these kinds of ads so helpful is the fact they are able to reach a huge amount of targeted people. It’s hard to do that anywhere else.

Depending which route you take, you can get real specific about who you want the ad to target. You can literally zero in on a select group of people that are most likely to become your customers/clients.

Consider a Soft Launch

Before you go full steam ahead on the launch of your brand, you may want to first use a soft launch. These are an excellent way to test the waters and don’t pose as much risk to you and the brand. A soft launch is done on a much smaller and quieter scale. You aren’t looking to attract everyone; you just want to see how people react to your brand.

Soft launches shouldn’t cost a ton of money and you shouldn’t expect them to go off without a hitch. Again, this is a learning opportunity. You can take the feedback you get from it and make the necessary changes before moving forward.

Start Blogging

Another sure fire way to start to expand your brand is to start blogging. You should aim to become an expert in the area you are serving. Your blog needs to be informative, interesting, and provide readers with a reason to come back. Even if you don’t feel comfortable about blogging yourself, you can find guest bloggers.

If you are going to use guest bloggers, look for people who are well-known in the industry, and are seen as experts. Offer something fun and light, which will help to set your content apart from any competition.

Stay Consistent

When it comes to your branding/marketing efforts, it’s important that you stay consistent. You want to be seen across all kinds of different platforms on a regular basis. Make sure you also link to your other social media accounts so people can find you easily.

A Recipe for Success

A masters in business administration online, combined with knowledge of online branding tools and tactics, is sure to be a recipe for success when it comes to expanding your new brand.