break through the crowd

We are constantly surrounded by extreme emotions – from tear-jerking movies in the theater to stories on the news, it seems as if we have become numb to the effect our experiences have on our emotions.  If the goal of your business is to stand out, your logo needs to break through and evoke emotion!

The key to creating a logo that resonates with your brand and target audience is to work with someone that is willing to spend the time to gain an in-depth knowledge of your company. Don’t be surprised by a few odd questions, like “If your brand were a cartoon character, who would it be?” While they might make you laugh, they help designers figure out who your company is, and how it should make your target audience consumer feel.  For example, an insurance company would want their logo to advocate a sense of security, whereas a hiking company might want to evoke a sense of adventure.

Your logo is everywhere – company letterhead, business card, e-mail signature, and even your Twitter and Facebook. A picture says a thousand words, so your logo should say a million.  Just make sure it’s saying what you want it to. Here is a great example of how the name Dennis Rodman impacted one purchase decision.

What is your favorite logo? We know there are some really good ones out there, and we’d love to hear what you like!