Miss Details Brand Checkup

Brand Checkup

A self-guided brand audit for your business. Dive into the details of your branding to gain valuable insight into what your brand has, what it’s missing, and what to focus on moving forward. This guide will help any business continue down the road to brand perfection. 



What You Will Learn in this PDF Guide

Brands have a life of their own, they are born, grow, plateau, sometimes develop bad habits or deteriorate. Like a personal health checkup, this gives your brand a baseline and lets you understand where you should focus your resources.

This Brand Checkup is designed to help you quickly organize existing brand assets, and get a clear picture of what assets you might still want to create. It’s based on the process I use with my own clients to ensure we’re not wasting time, money, or headaches on the unnecessary. It’s a mini brand audit which is the first step to knowing where to spend your time so you can create real traction with your marketing.

  • A comprehensive list of what you should review.
  • Get a baseline idea of the health of your brand.
  • Properly evaluate if your brand needs a full overhaul or a small refresh.
  •  Identify problem areas and new areas of opportunity.
  • Be able to prioritize your projects.

What Others Are Saying

This changed everything, it now doesn't feel like too big of a job to wrangle...

Our once-shiny branding had gotten ragged due to multiple staff members creating materials without true brand guidelines. It sometimes looks like we have multiple visual brands... and that's no good! We always want to put our best foot forward, and one of the most important ways to do that is in our visual branding. But because it always felt like too big of a job to wrangle it back in order, it kept getting pushed to the back burner. The Miss Details Brand Checkup changed everything. Suddenly, we had a comprehensive (and yes, detailed!) plan for how we could tackle our branding conundrum. It helped me think about pieces of our branding that had completely fallen out of my awareness, and we're making progress on a task I'd all but given up on. Thank you for this wonderful resource, Tanya!

Marie Parks, Co-CEO North Star Messaging + Strategy

Who is Miss Details and Why Should You Trust Our Brand Checkup

Hey there! I'm Tanya.
(Founder + original Miss Details)

My team and I have been building brands for small businesses, solopreneurs, franchisors, and fortune 500 companies since 2004. Businesses at different stages have different needs but all have one thing in common; they need their brand to work for them. And this cannot happen if you have inconsistent or irrelevant brand assets.

My core strength is balancing the creativity that branding requires with a business mindset. This helps me know what a business needs and when they need to implement it. I find so many of the business owners I talk to know they need to do something but just don't know where to best spend their finite time and resources. I developed this download to empower business owners so they know that they are spending their valuable resources on the right things at the right time.

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Miss Details Brand Checkup