As a business, there are a few things that you need to help things run smoothly, and hiring a business lawyer is an important investment many businesses try to overlook. It might be that you’re not too happy about spending money on lawyer’s fees, especially if you are a new business. However, the cost of not having one could be even higher.

Why do I need a Business Lawyer?

Let’s say that you are running a business in Atlanta. You decide to use a symbol in your business advertising that you don’t realize is copyrighted. This could lead to a big lawsuit against you and the company. If you had hired Atlanta business lawyers, they could have helped with copyright and trademark issues and saved you from impending trouble. Unfortunately, it’s too late to hire one after the fact, and certainly more costly.

Having a lawyer can also help with other areas of business law and make sure you stay out of trouble.

What type of law firm do you need?

When you hire a lawyer, they will be responsible for a number of different aspects of your business. The chances are, they won’t know the intricacies of all the areas, so they will have to ask a colleague who is specialized in certain parts such as taxes, intellectual property or real estate.

If you choose a small firm, they might not have all the skills needed to deal with everything you require. They may have to refer you to other firms for additional help. Larger firms usually have the skills required under one roof so you can get help straight away. The only problem is their fees are likely to be higher.

How to choose the right one

The size and capability of the law firm are some of the choices you will need to make. However, there are other considerations you need to take into account. Along with how much their fees are, you need to find out the most cost-effective way to pay them. This could be by the hour or on a retainer, obtaining a list of charges will help you.

For example, do you like them? It might sound obvious, but you have to get along with each other so having some mutual respect will go a long way.

Interview all the potential lawyers to get a feel for how they operate. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and get written details. In the same way, give them as much detail as possible so you know what they can deal with and what they will have to refer to others.

Choosing the right business lawyer can save you from huge financial and legal problems, so it’s important to do your homework and find the best one for you.

Once you have found your lawyer, make sure to keep in regular contact and refer anything you are unsure about to them. It’s better to find out sooner rather than later if there’s a problem.