the target market

C-level and other key executives within state-wide science, technology and supporting businesses who are aware of (or can be made aware of) business pain they suffer which can be solved by improved business practices and resources.


In the past, marketing the value of the Arizona Technology Council itself (events, exposure, advocacy and resources) was often overlooked. They were challenged with gaining relevance and recognition in the local community and showing the global reach and value of the entire Council. They also needed to bring all of the sub brands of the Council (mostly different signature events or event series, such as a weekly ‘Lunch and Learn’ program) under the Council’s umbrella without diluting the brand.


The Technology Council is a place for people and companies to connect and grow locally in Arizona, as well as a way of connecting Arizona companies with the global community. To get a good understanding of the brand, we familiarized ourselves with all sub brands, events and collateral. The logo design as well as all new branded collateral reinforce the concept that the Arizona Technology Council is a place to connect and grow. Patterns and textures represent the fast paced, organized, and beautiful nature of technology. The imagery implies movement and abstract connections. The nodes in the logo represent connections that the Council creates and this concept is carried through all designs.


The overall result of the rebrand is a sense that the Council is forward thinking, modern and tech savvy.

The designs are unique to Arizona without being cliche and bring a fresh and memorable look to this 10 year old Council. Membership has grown since the new branding strategy and identity were implemented. Feedback from members previously engaged with the Council has been overwhelmingly positive. Having the sub brands woven into the overall brand identity helps the Council reinforce to its member its ownership of its signature events
and initiatives.