the target market

Original: Everyone

New: Construction industry
Accounting firms + CPA’s


Founded in 2003 Directrix was a traditional IT solutions company. Overtime the company core focus shifted to virtual desktop and cloud computing services. With new ownership the decision was made to remove traditional IT and focus on cloud. Even though Directrix had been providing these services the company was not known in the Arizona market. Throughout the years the brand image had been diluted with non-standardized marketing material, multiple logos, colors and looks. There needed to be a strong coherent and memorable brand in order to move forward and become the gorilla in the Arizona market.


MDD began with an in-depth review of the company’s marketing materials including both online presence and offline. Once the current situation was assessed MDD provided Directrix with a strategy to move forward which included naming and tagline brainstorms and bringing in a marketing company specializing in their industry to provide a communication strategy once the rebrand was completed. Through our process we found that the target market was not that of companies currently embracing the cloud, but those that had not yet made the switch.


The company became Adopt Technologies with a new tagline of “Embrace efficiency. Adopt cloud computing.”

“Adopt” by definition means “to embrace, accept, choose, take up and practice or use,” this name was unique but also broad enough as not to limit the company with the next disruptive technology that came along.

The logo reinforced the benefits of the cloud being able to work in may “spots” or locations as well as the movement of the mark references the agility and speed that all companies desire. The three circles personalized the story of the company further representing the three children that the owner had adopted adding a connectivity to the company that he embraced.