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Where Does Your Brand Fall In the Growth Cycle?

Take our Oak Tree Quiz to find out

It takes a while for an acorn to become an oak tree. There are different stages along the way, as seedling and sapling establish their roots and place in the world. The same concept applies to your brand: everybody wants to be a sturdy, impressive oak tree, but they have to start somewhere. 

Keep in mind that your brand’s age does not necessarily mean it’s further along on the cycle: new brands can quickly become oak trees, and old brands can still be acorns.

Only one in 10,000 acorns grow up to become an oak tree, a reminder that even those with the best intentions and biggest plans can still fall short of their dreams. It takes the right mixture of nurturing, planning, location and a little luck to turn your acorn into a success story.

Take our quiz to learn more about your brand’s stage in the development cycle, and gain greater insight into where you need to focus your efforts to become a towering oak.

brand quiz acorn
brand quiz seedling
brand quiz sapling
brand quiz oak tree

Are you having trouble getting your brand on track? It’s not easy to nail down all the details.

You want a brand that…

Stays true to its values.

Is consistent across your channels.

Continues to grow and innovate.

Understanding where your brand is in its development cycle can go a long way towards helping you set priorities and making your brand memorable and impactful. Our brand cycle quiz is a great first step towards getting your brand headed in the right direction.