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Exciting news and happy thanksgiving!

The holiday season is all about sharing and coming together, which is why we thought it would be a perfect time to share our exciting news… Tempo Creative and Miss Details Design are merging! For over a decade Tempo has been Arizona’s premier web design and digital marketing firm. Miss Details can now offer these crucial services in addition to our recognized brand strategy and creativity. Miss Details and Tempo are proud to be Arizona’s powerhouse of both online and offline marketing designed to maximize ROI for all our clients.

What does this mean for you? As a Miss Details Design client, you will still receive the expert level of service, quality design, and strategic branding you’re used to. We will now be able to provide you with extraordinary digital services including web design, SEO, social media management and more. We have moved into an awesome new space with Tempo and can’t wait to have you visit our new conference room for meetings!

The merging process is just beginning, and we’ll keep you updated over the next couple of months. In the meantime, if you have questions about the merer or how it will affect your company, please contact us.

3 reasons why a tablet ordering system will ruin your restaurant

Introducing a tablet ordering system in a restaurant may seem like a perfect option – it could eliminate communication errors between the guest and the kitchen, reduce time to pay at the end of meals, and give guests the opportunity to learn more about the food and history of the establishment. But nothing is ever as perfect as it seems. Below we have outlined 3 reasons why a tablet ordering system will ruin your restaurant.

1. Cost. There are 3 major costs associated with tablet ordering systems. First, the cost of labor will increase because server tips will decrease. Restaurant operators are responsible for paying employees minimum wage if they are not making the required amount through tips. Second, the initial cost of the tablet computers – training, insurance, and the devices themselves. Third, there must be a reserve of cash for lost, stolen or damaged property. Most restaurants are a haphazard environment, with plates getting dropped, glasses being broken, and salt shakers mysteriously disappearing. Tablets will break, get stolen, or be otherwise damaged and it is important to prepare in advance.

2. Damaging the Brand Experience. When a restaurant uses a tablet for ordering, they are no longer known for the unique cuisine, exceptional staff, or tasty drinks. Articles and reputation surrounding the restaurant focus on one thing – the tablet. The tablet is something a restaurant operator cannot control (will it break?, what happens if it gets a virus?, what do we do if the internet connection fails?, etc.). A restaurant operator can control the staff that is hired and the quality of food and drinks. The brand experience can also be harmed at the individual level. For example, if an entire table is forced to share one tablet to complete the order, it can make the ordering process longer and irritating, especially if one of the guests cannot make up their mind.

3. Unpredictability. Guests have no way of knowing how busy the kitchen is, and on a busy Friday or Saturday night, multiple orders coming into the kitchen at the same time could bog down the kitchen for the entire night and ruin many guest’s meals. The tablet also cannot answer every question a guest has, and cannot predict the needs of the guest like an experienced server. Assuming the tablet ordering system is accompanied by a smaller staff making less in tips, the experienced servers will be much more difficult to attract.

Miss Details Design has moved!

We moved into an office space with Tempo Creative! Check out some pictures of the move below:
conference room

Still working on client work during the move!

Becky's office

Tanya setting up her office

Tanya's office - before setup


Our new address is: 13951 N. Scottsdale Rd. Ste. 213 | Scottsdale, AZ 85254





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3 tips to establish a brand voice

What is brand voice? It is the unique language, tone, and word choice a brand uses. Establishing a clear brand voice is more important than ever, thanks to the constant social media conversation between customers and companies.

But brand voice isn’t just heard through social media. A brand also needs to establish a clear, consistent voice through many channels including blog posts, newsletters, advertisements, in-store communication, internal memos and communication, promotional materials, direct mail pieces, sales pitches, and networking introductions. A brand without a defined voice can be viewed as schizophrenic across communication channels, leading consumers to view the brand as less trustworthy, inferior to competitors, and less memorable.

  • When defining a brand voice, take an in-depth look at the way business is done. How are employees expected to communicate with consumers? Even routine tasks, such as responding to emails can translate into how quickly businesses should respond to consumers. Take one minute to respond to a Tweet, but one day to respond to an email, and the brand voice becomes schizophrenic.
  • Shape your brand voice to talk with consumers, not at them. Don’t alienate with confusing buzzwords or acronyms. Discover what else your target market is interested in, and use the knowledge to your advantage. Businesses selling luxury travel may find their consumers are also interested in fine wine and food, so they should incorporate these topics into conversation.
  • Word choice is also an important element of a brand voice. If sales people offer short and to the point answers to questions, but blog posts use confusing technical terminology, the voice is schizophrenic. Be sure to speak the consumer’s language. At a restaurant, if a hostess is very formal and dress code is enforced, but a server speaks very casually to guests, there may be a disconnect between the brand voice that needs to be addressed.

Do you have questions about establishing a brand voice? Contact us!

3 Airlines that branded the industry

There are few industries where the decisions of one company greatly affect every other company within the industry. Bank of America charging the $5/month debit card fee is a current example of one company changing an industry. After the announcement, some banks publicly said they would like to do the same; others refused to engage in fees for debit cards. The auto industry is another industry that is affected by decisions of one company – competing for better gas mileage, lower emissions, and higher class with every new model year.

One industry in particular that we want to focus on is the airline industry. Time and time again, the industry as a whole shifts as one company makes a decision. This has impacted the brands of individual companies and the airline industry as a whole. We’ve outlined three major events in airline history that illustrate these impacts:

1. Southwest Airlines is founded in 1971. Flights are only within the state of Texas, and can therefore bypass federal regulations regarding air travel – including regulated pricing.

Before: If you wanted to fly, there was no “shopping around,” the price was set. Because airlines couldn’t compete on price they used the in-flight experience as a selling point. Free cocktails, good food, and great service were differentiating factors. Just the uniform of the flight attendant could heavily influence an airlines brand.

After: The deregulation of airlines occurred (1978) and airlines could begin to compete on price. Southwest quickly expanded outside of Texas and dominates the low cost market.

2. American Airlines
announces they will charge for the first checked bag in May of 2008. While Spirit and Allegiant had this policy before American, American was the first major airline to instate the first checked bag fee. Within months, most major airlines followed suit. Now only JetBlue and Southwest offer your first bag free.

Before: Checking a bag is normal, airlines still offer in-flight amenities like snacks, pillows, and non-alcoholic beverages.

After: More people use carry-on bags. Consumers feel airlines are nickel and diming them. Purchasing based on ticket price becomes more popular, as brand loyalty to specific airlines decreases. Airlines start charging for more things that used to be free – meals, headphones, and blankets. Spirit even started charging for carry-on bags!

3. JetBlue becomes a social media rock star.

Before: Long hours of customer service phone calls, and long lines at the gates. Airlines connected with travelers primarily through face-to-face interactions, and because most people don’t fly everyday, their perception of one airline could be determined by one interaction.

After: More airlines develop and improve their customer service efforts through social media. Delta created @DeltaAssist to help customers using Twitter. JetBlue is still the clear leader in airline social media, but more airlines continue to adopt social media and engage in real-time conversations with travelers.

November Calendars

It’s the beginning of November, and you know what that means – more calendars! This month we will be featuring two images from Rick D’Elia and one image for our animal lovers out there from Cactus Canine. Most screens will use the size that is shown in the image, just click and then right click the larger image that appears and set as desktop background!

About the images

Adorable Corgi mix, photographed by Amy Gayle

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Freidlein Prairie on the San Francisco Peaks just north of Flagstaff, Arizona

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Sedona, Arizona Red Rock formations

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To enjoy (instructions): Click the image of the wallpaper you’d like, and a larger version will open in a new window. Right click on this image, and select “Set as Desktop Background”. If that size doesn’t fit, click on the link that’s the right size for your screen and then right click the bigger image.  You’ll never forget what day it is!

Enjoy and look forward to more calendars next month!