How it Works

The key is understanding the mindset of the buyer. Staging is not decorating it is positioning a product to be the most desirable.

Why Staging

You might be noticing we keep emphasizing Professional Staging Services? Don’t most of us love to watch the home makeover reality shows on TV?!  There is something almost magical seeing before and after results taking place in under an hour, right before our eyes!

It is NOT Decorating

Professional staging works to provide the same kind of transformation, one on one, quickly and in your own home.Even more importantly, staging ISN’T interior decorating; it’s actually about making the spaces in your home as appealing as possible to the widest range of prospective buyers.
Sometimes it’s more about removing and redesigning the furnishings you already have; sometimes it’s about adding things to enhance a room; often it’s a combination of all of our experience and talents to guarantee we bring out the very best in your property’s ‘showability’.

How it Works

It’s a Proven Fact- You will net more money from the sale of your home if it is professionally staged. 
And the investment in home staging is usually just a fraction of the total return you will realize from the increase in your equity proceeds. Depending on your property’s needs, our home staging fee can actually be less than 1% of it’s sales price and yet the potential increase in that same sales price for a professionally staged home is 5-20%.


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Who we are

Each of our Certified Stagers are licensed Accredited Staging Professionals (ASP’s) and members of IAHSP (International Association of Home Staging Professionals) which is the largest organization of home staging professionals in the world.  ASP/IAHSP Stagers adhere to a strict Code of Ethics, Standards of Practice and Continuing Education standards.

Staged to Sell Design Services takes this professionalism even further by working from a structured framework which is almost never found in the unregulated field of home staging practitioners.

Our skill

From our initial consultation to the happy day when you close escrow, we make sure you are thrilled that you decided to invest in improving your salability with us as certified, qualified and trained professional stagers to help you sell your home.

Staging really works, and Staged to Sell Design Services is ready to go to work for you…helping you to sell much faster and for more money than you might have imagined.

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Robin Leigh - Founder

As Accredited Staging Professionals(ASP) we specializes in preparing your property so it will sell quickly and usually for significantly more money. I have been staging homes throughout my 27 year real estate career. More.

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Gillian Elcox - Interior Designer

Gillian Elcox, an ASP Certified Stager and Accredited Interior Design Professional (ASID) knows what it takes to help our clients maximize their homes’ potential. More.




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How staging can help Realtors

Our founder has been a real estate broker for the past 27 years so we understand exactly what your job is and how you do it! We can help you help your clients get the highest possible price for your properties.

Staging has been around in one form or fashion for many years now and the best Realtors have always worked to help their clients prepare their home for sale.  But staging is different.

Home Staging is a professional service which is carefully thought out with a definite plan of action and specific steps to follow to make sure you obtain the highest possible value for your clients when you offer a property for sale.  As Realtors that is one of our primary obligations (in addition to representing our clients interests in a manner that is legal, moral and ethical).


We also understand that introducing a third party into the relationship you have with your client can be a bit uncomfortable for you.  After all, stagers must have sensitive conversations about decor, style, appearance of a home and other topics which can be helpful or hurtful depending on how they are presented and what is said.  As Stagers we NEVER forget that your client deserves to be treated with sensitivity and awareness when we are working with them to maximize their showing potential.


Equally important, we work to enhance your relationship with your clients.  You are looking out for their best interests by suggesting staging!  Therefore you can be sure, we never discuss real estate issues which only YOU as their licensed agent should be handling including pricing, days on market, showing feedback and any other of the myriad facets of a listing and sale.


Our company owner’s experience as a Realtor is a tremendous benefit to you because it means we truly understand your concerns, your challenges and your duties.  We know just how to make certain we support and promote your efforts and services for your clients.  NONE of our stagers are Realtors and we guarantee to never solicit your clients’ real estate business in any way.


Let us help you make staging an important and valuable tool in your business.  We have even created a professional presentation for you to use to introduce the benefits of home staging to your clients in order to show what a positive difference it can make for them. Click here to connect with us and see how we can help you and your clients today.